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Issues after Tomb Kings (reoccur)

DarkLordDDarkLordD Registered Users Posts: 2,575
Hello everyone, I would love to bring something under your attention, and also ask if more people seem to have this.

Before anyone says, yes, I will post this in the right thread, but I also want to hear people's own experience, and its more likely to get more reactions here. So this post has 2 purposes. (Let CA know this problem, and to hear you own experience)

Okay, there we go then :)

I have had some trouble concerning ( I tried very hard, and I really think it is ) the graphic card. In the beginning, whenever I started up Total war Warhammer 2, I would hear sounds coming from my Graphic card. This sound would happen on the campaign map, after loading screen etc.

Now this problem was gone, only I don't rememmber after with update or even if it was an update. It just stopped doing it after a while. After Tomb Kings I hear the sound again. Now I have to say, I did download Aorus Graphics engines, the latest version (1.29) and I don't know if that is the cause, but since I have had this problem with Warhammer before ( and only warhammer ) I can only assume the problem lies in Warhammer ?

My graphic card :

GTX 1080 8g.

Please, if I forgot to mention anything important concerning this post, please tell me, I am not a professional in this area. So forgive me if not all info needed is included (yet)

Thanks in advance ! and please, let me know if you have this trouble too, or if you maybe know the cause and if its known to CA ?

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