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War Room

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I discovered the war Room about a month ago and thought that it seemed like a good idea and wanted to check it out. Obviously it hasn't been up and running due to the hacking of the sega site. Is it going to be back up at some point in the future? I wanted to get my grubby hands on the unit for Napoleon and check out all the armour on other peoples avatars that I haven't got, partially due to my campaign game crashing every turn so I can't play it. Come on creative Assembly please hurry to fix my broken Shogun, how I miss it! I wish they would do something with the random post battle drops, I play multiplayer alot (I have little choice if I want to play shogun at all!) and it's been a very, very long time since I was awarded anything! I've played over 500 games and there's still about a third of the retainers to unlock. Ahh, call me impatient if you will but I can't have the satisfaction of unlocking any of the campaign achievements as it wont work. It was fine before the last patch, or maybe the one before, I lose track! Well this is my first post and it seems to have turned in to a bit of a moan, sorry about that!I'm still a complete addict to the game though and appreciate the work that goes into these games, the complexity of the programming must be immense!!
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