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Tomb kings ME campaign crash.

Orion81Orion81 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hi, ever since the TK dlc whenever we play ME co-op campaign with my friend either one of us gets a warning to the middle right screen: ! "waiting for player" and then we both receive info about host leaving or player leaving the game, this happens completely randomly but latest at turn 40 or so. we haven't been able to play any campaigns since.
If either of us plays TK, the crash happens rather fast and with 100% certainty.

Also When playing Arkhan and Settra we cant trade or do diplomacy with each other and for some reason the turn order gets screwed, Arkhan should play after Settra not vice versa,

Also Host has been the first in turn sequence every single campaign we have played before.

Please fix these bugs, it frustrating to not be able to play a game that has cost us both upwards of 150 euros.

We both have more than recommended specs PCs and 100mb ethernets so its not a hardware or network issue, You have apparently made a fatal error to he code while patching the game.


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