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Medieval II: Total War - remastered?

SenseiTJ2SenseiTJ2 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 20
Had a thought regarding this game. Obviously it's still popular out there, and the modding scene is still active. The main reason people are dropping is due to the game dating considerably now. Especially with high end systems that can't fully utilise the game properly.

Obviously, CA won't make a Medieval 3 for a long, long while. The closest we'll get to this era is Thrones of Britannia.

However, like other devs for Stronghold, Age of Empires etc... why not released a remastered edition of this game? One that supports high resolutions, perhaps remove the hard-coded limits, proper multi-core support and add a proper multiplayer campaign support via the hotseat function!

This I believe wouldn't cost as much development time as a whole new game would, and it would probably open up another potential revenue stream for them as Medieval 2 was so popular and I would certainly say people would pick up the game again with modern-day features implemented.

What are your thoughts on this?


  • FranzSaxonFranzSaxon Registered Users Posts: 2,357
    Dude I have a question. You say Hugh end systems can't utilize game properly. Ive noticed since coming back to m2 with a powerful system, it seems the graphics are horrible. 1980 resolution, maxed out settings, and the units look like cardboard cutouts. I swear it looked better on my old system years ago. Sorry to steal ur thread but nobody will answer me. Im so sad I can't enjoyvthe game. Could the issue you mention explain this or am I just used to new graphics? To answer ur thread, yes id LOVE a m2 remastered. Right now i play medieval kingdoms obv and the 1295 campaign subod. But we need a remastered medieval. Great idea.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 8,671
    We need Medieval 3.
  • cauldronjotycauldronjoty Registered Users Posts: 12
    We need Medieval 3 with Hotseat mode available. It's so sad that developers don't consider adding that to the game. Are they afraid people would not be buying the bloody game or what? That's so silly!

    "My life's purpose is to reintroduce Hotseat/email Mode back to the awesome Total War series, so people can play with friends without the need to be online all at once." Me, 2018 B)
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