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This might be the most disappointing modder community I have encountered. (Not a troll post)

KeenKrozzyKeenKrozzy Posts: 2Registered Users
I'm not trying to flame anyone with this post.

I have been interested in TW modding for a while now, and I decided this week end to finally get involved.

Before I continue I need to make it clear that I am a programmer, not an artist. So for the rest of my post when I refer to "modding" I am talking about changing and creating mechanics.

Now, please feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong here (although I suspect I will get 0 responses to this post). The first thing that really surprised me is that almost all of the modding done here is just changing values in tables using CA's tool. The only way to actually change or create the way the mechanics operate seems to be via LUA scripts that get compiled and ran by the main TW executable.

So, just to get familiar with the variables, I thought maybe I should just start off making a simple "DB Record Change" and upload it to the steam workshop. So let's see what official and community ran knowledge bases are available....

Where is the KB?

Are you telling me that everyone just skims through these tables for hours on end changing values and testing them based upon the vague description fields in the records? Where are the sticky posts with lists of what methods read these values? Has nobody ever decompiled?

OK so I thought maybe the LUA scripting community is like a separate thing that has their own forums or discord. Surely there must a horde of KBs, Tutorials, maybe some source code.....

So maybe my Google-foo has just been way off today, so PLEASE speak up and correct me if I'm wrong about any of this, However it appears that the community here is just.... sad?


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