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Mortal Empires Coop - In battle with reinforcements- Waiting for players -

trashcan01trashcan01 Registered Users Posts: 17
edited February 2018 in Multiplayer Bugs


1.3.0 6014.1273982

Detailed description:

Lothern (host) and Empire (client) legendary Mortal Empires Coop Campaign.

While entering a battlefield with reinforcements the host and the client (myself) are stuck at "Waiting for players" timer countdown. Deployment lines are visible, as is the direction from which the reinforcing armies approach. No models are visible on the battlefield and both players are stuck with "Waiting for players" timer even though both of us are loaded.

The client is stuck at black screen with "Waiting for players" timer counting down until I press ESC, after which I get the same result as described above (no models, direction and deployment lines are visible).

Reproduction Steps:

- Load the latest save as Host - Alastar the White Lion attacking the Dark elves, with Tyrion as reinforcing army
- Play the battle manually / spectate with client
- Stuck at "Waiting for players" countdown after the battle loading screend, cannot deploy


Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

We have on both ends:
  1. waited for the countdown to reach 0 - game dropped
  2. started different campaigns exchanging hosts and clients (pre and post Tomb Kings)
  3. verified the local files using Steam
  4. patching DID NOT help, since the problem was repeating before and after Tomb Kings update
  5. deleted all saves from single and multiplayer games
  6. uninstalled and reinstalled the game completely
Saves are attached as .ZIP files. Trying to add the saves without compression resulted in "File not allowed" message.

On personal note, I am very disappointed that this is happening. I have purchased the game (both + DLC) with COOP multiplayer in mind and this is ruining the whole experience for me. We have spent more than 30 gaming hours in different campaigns only to be faced with the same bug over and over again.

Hopefully you can help me this issue. Thanks in advance.


  • Peterg13Peterg13 Registered Users Posts: 68
    There is something really odd going on with multiplayer coop since TK. MP COOP was a big motivator for me as well. I hope they fix this, what ever it is.
  • trashcan01trashcan01 Registered Users Posts: 17
    We have had that problem before Tomb Kings, but yes, number of problems appeared after the release.
    One of the main one being autoresolve battles. :)
  • Peterg13Peterg13 Registered Users Posts: 68
    Yes, they are on the Auto resolve, but I personally had no issues with WH II MP COOP prior to TK but immediately after install.
  • P1k3rP1k3r Registered Users Posts: 2
    My friend and I are having exactly the same issue in out campaign. Whenever I launch a battle (host) it works fine, whenever he launches a battle we get stuck in both players waiting for other player to load. Really sad as did not have this issue in the first game.

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