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SKROLLKS HOMELAND! Total War: Warhammer 2 - Tomb Kings Campaign - Queen Khalida #4

PictPict Registered Users Posts: 20
#5 of my Tomb Kings race of the vortex campaign as High Queen Khalida!
In this episode we continue to push on Skrollk and his rat men, pushing into his home territories and whittling away their numbers .
Check out below!



  • KasakkhanKasakkhan Registered Users Posts: 43
    Just playing Khalida on Hard, was astruggle to get the economy going and being able to expand, every two steps I took meant I had to retrace to recapture towns and so on, finally took out Kroqgar and Headtaker - and after tat its been alot easier, if a slow expanding.

    Cant post pics here, but the Orc faction is just going bananas in my playthrough - they had 5 waaghs in 2 turns first 3 then another 2 the next turn, Never seen that before - this was around turn 40 or so. I have just reached the orcish territories and am gobbling him up from behind, hes been busy though, most orc tribes are under his sway and he has dominated the dwarves and empire factions. 52 settlements under his rule - and thats after Ive gobbled up over 10 from behind.
    Only the Empire and Dwarves remain from their factions, Chaos hasnt triggered yet and its turn 103 already. I am just starting to get the "high end" units into my armies, but its not going fast enough. Every orc army I meet I have to double up to beat. Going to be a fun playthrough.
  • KasakkhanKasakkhan Registered Users Posts: 43
    Just checked your videos, and realised youre doing the Vortex campaign ;) Oh well

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