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Vampire Counts various bugs and issues

Aexrael#6757Aexrael#6757 Registered Users Posts: 64
Issue #1
Vampire Technology Tree
Technology 'Risen Champions'
The tooltip states it affects Skeletal and Zombie unit recruits. Where as it actually affects skeletal_inf, skeletal_cav, graveguards and zombies. where skeletal_cav is a misnomer as it refers to the wight cavalry Black Knights.
The tooltip should be updated to reflect what it in actuality affects.

Issue #2
Vampire Technology Tree
Technology 'Risen Standard Bearers'
The tooltip states that it affects Skeletal units only. While it actually affects unit_sets skeletal_inf and skeletal_cav, where skeletal_cav is a misnomer as it refers to the wight cavalry Black Knights.
Tooltip should be corrected and perhaps the technology should affect Graveguards and Zombies as well, like Risen Champions.

Issue #3
Vampire Technology Tree
Technology Vampiric Revivification

Both effects utilize unit_sets vmp_chariots_and_blood_knights, when blood knights shouldn't be included. The end result is that Blood Knights have two Charge Bonus effects applied.

Issue #4
Vampire Technology Tree
Technology Delusions of Grandeur

All three effects reference both unit_sets vmp_blood_knights and vmp_chariots_and_blood_knights which means Blood Knights are effectively referenced twice.

Issue #5
Black Knights are listed as Anti-Infantry on their bulletpoints, but they do not have the +8 Anti-Infantry damage modifier that Graveguards have.

Issue #6
The Strigoi Ghoul King still utilizes the Total War Warhammer 1 skills for his spells and haven't been updated to the TWW2 mechanics. He doesn't even have the option to overcast his spells.

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