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[Help] Having trouble making arachnarok spider recruitable by other faction

AndrewDrewDragonAndrewDrewDragon Registered Users Posts: 2
I'm trying to make the arachnarok spider from greenskins recruitable by the lizardman faction for a personal mod, but I can't get them to be recruitable in any way. I've done other cross-faction unit mods before without much issue, so I'm curios what I'm missing here. So far this is the list of things I've done

mapped wh_main_grn_mon_arachnarok_spider_0 to wh2_main_lzd

I've updated the technology key to one owned by the lizardman faction. I think I've done this correctly because the technology tooltip shows that it enables the recruitment of the spider

I've added what I think is the spider anim key and the goblins on top anim keys. Even if i have screwed this up, I don't think this table is to blame since screw ups here prevent the unit from moving, not being un-recruitable.

I've added the spider's unit key to be buildable by a lizardman building. I know this table is good because I was able to swap out the spider unit key for crossbowmen and I was able to recruit crossbowmen (after updating the unit_to_groupings_military_permissions_tables for crossbowmen as well)

So far, based off what I know, this should allow the spider to be recruitable. The building shows the spider unit-card on the list of units it will allow me to recruit, but once the bulding is built the spider does not show up in the local/global recruitment. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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