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Huge Game Breaking Siege BUG. AI RUNS in Circles and will not attack.

MedderaMeddera Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 47
I know this has been reported before. I've seen it. How can a game of this magnitude have such a terrible game breaking bug 3 years after release? This is a REFUND magnitude bug.

In most of my walled siege battles where the AI attacks if they use siege towers and ladders they will first push 3 to 4 of those to the walls.. Often times 2 will make it, the others just stop for no apparent reason.. They are not being attacked by archers, they just stop in the middle of the field. At the same time the siege tower units make it on top of the walls and then stop immediately.. The remaining 16 enemy units run back and forth on the battlefield for eternity if you have no battle timer, if you do you just wait until the time expires and the battle results in a draw.

The first time I saw this bug I figured it was a glitch, but now that I have tried playing a new strategy with Rome by playing behind my walls I see it over and over. I reloaded the same battle multiple times trying different things and different settings even tweaking graphics to max performance and the same result occurred. I have the battle saved on video if anyone wants to see it.

Please fix this. This would be a terrible bug at release, much less 3 years later.


  • MedderaMeddera Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 47
    I did some testing with this save. Its clear everything is working until a specific point. The AI moves in formation towards the wall behind 2 siege towers and 2 siege ladders. As the towers hit the wall and men start to come out the men that come out from the tower on the left cause the AI to break. At that point the formation from the men in the field breaks and they all start running back and forth. The 2 siege ladders units drops their ladders and just stand there. Basically at the exact point siege tower on the left drops men on wall the AI breaks.

    I then sent a lone cavalry unit on a suicide mission to attack the siege tower on the left at the start of the battle. This delayed it and the siege tower on the right arrived to the wall first. From this point AI continued with the siege as it should. The ladders landed, men came through a breach and everything worked. There is one specific point that you guys should be able to address to fix this madness.

  • BMNOBLE981BMNOBLE981 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,209
    Been a while since I have seen that.

    That said I have seen it and units that land via ship getting stuck on the ship in endless combat.

    I tend to make a quick save, if the battle devolves into AI stupidity that requires you to wait out the timer to win, I quit the battle and reload the save, reset the timer to 20 minutes and replay the battle.

    After the battle is concluded I set the timer back to 60 minutes and carry on with my campaign.

    It does not happen often but it happens enough that I never play a battle without quick saving in Rome 2 and extremely rare in my Attila campaigns, mostly because the AI just destroys sections of the wall rather than relying on build able siege equipment.

    Its a very old problem the AI bugging out, I have had it happen in Rome 1, Medieval 2, Less common in Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2 since the AI could climb the walls. As said above happens in Rome 2 but less so in Attila due to the siege escalation creating breaches for the AI to exploit.

    But thankfully it doesn't bug out in field battles anymore like the earlier titles in the total war series: Rome 1, Med 2, Empire and sometimes Napoleon.

    All you can do is plan for it so you can mitigate it with quick saves.

    Unless your playing on Legendary, then you just say the AI general was an idiot, (which occasionally happened in real life) costing their side the battle and you move on with your campaign.
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  • MedderaMeddera Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 47
    I browsed this forum and there were at least 3 different times this bug was reported in this forum since early 2015 and I didn't go through all pages.

    That is shameful to not only not fix a bug of this magnitude, but not even respond to it to which they didn't in those cases so I expect they ignore my complaint as well.

    Thing is this settlement already had 1 breach, but they did not have onagers so they needed to use the siege equipment to get more. I wish they would use the equipment every time as with just a couple breaches all they do is pile up in the hole and get destroyed easily.

    It's happened to me several times over the last few weeks, otherwise I would not have taken the time to post about it.
  • MedderaMeddera Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 47
    This bug happened again last night. If the AI sieges without onagers this is the likely result. Again this time I reloaded and sent a cavalry unit down and attacked the leading siege tower and it worked.
  • QuintoMaximoQuintoMaximo Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 177
    edited April 2018
    That happened to me 1 hour ago. I sent out of the walls some axe units trying to attack the units who are leading their siege towers and ladders. Then one of their towers reached my wall and I kill the unit that came through and their general and the rest of units started to run around the city.

    This happens to me almost every battle I have defending with a walled city.

    Worst bug for me because I can't think I'm battling against and enemy who is obviously re** tard...
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