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Medieval II sound related Lag and Stuttering (Please Help!)

LukoraiLukorai Posts: 2Registered Users
Hello everyone,

since recently, without any apparent cause, I am experiencing the following issue:

Whenever Sound is on (not muted), the game seems to "stutter". More precicely: The graphical elements freeze for a split second every two seconds or so, while the audio-tracks repeat themselves that split second. This happens in the campaign map but especially during battles, when the camera is zoomed in on units or units are selected/given commands.

Oddly, whenever I mute the sound, there are no lags whatsoever(I can even play the game on max settings without problems as long as there is no audio involved).

This makes it impossible to enjoy generals speeches, which, for me, is almost game-braking.

At first, I thought this was related to a mod I had installed (ss 6.4), but when I reinstalled the vanilla game and launched it again, the issue persistet, even in the vanilla game.

My realtek-software is up to date, I have installed all recent directX files, prioritized the game process in the task manager and my Nvidia-settings. - it all won't help. Any ideas? I am thankful for any clues ...


core: Intel i7
graphics: 930M (Geforce)
sound: Realtek


  • Lucas_The_GreatLucas_The_Great Posts: 2Registered Users
    It probably is the mod, make sure you delete the total war folder after uninstalling the game

    Only other thing i can think of is the ingame sound settings set to EAX when your card doesnt support it
  • LukoraiLukorai Posts: 2Registered Users
    Complete reinstall (uninstall + manual deletion of all related folders + redownload from steam) and test in Vanilla showed no improvement. I don't have EAX enabled ...

    Update: The issue seems to get less bad after 1-2 hours into the game, but whenever I exit and restart the application, the soundlag is as bad as always.
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