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Bug with achievement "Family Feud"

zagumaarzagumaar Registered Users Posts: 81
Family Feud :
Playing as the Court of Lybaras, kill 1000 Vampire Counts in a single battle.

I think i ran into a bug with this achievement.

I was playing as Argwylon in a Mortal Empires multiplayer coop campaign and my mate was playing the dwarfs.
The bug occured just at the end of the first quest battle I did with Durthu (the quest to get his sword).

In this quest battle I was facing a bunch of vampires and get the achievement even if I was not playing the Court of Lybaras...
I must add that I own TK's DLC but I never played with the Court of Lybaras faction.

Is this a known bug or something ?


  • _Wojtek__Wojtek_ Registered Users Posts: 2
    Not sure if it's widely known, but I just had this happen to me, as well. Was playing as The Empire, fighting VCs, and got the achievement after the battle. I also own TK DLC but never played the Court of Lybaras, although I have played Khemri.

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