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minor Chaos bug in multiplayer campaign. (TWWH1)

GartenGnomGartenGnom Registered Users Posts: 1
I finally convinced my friend to get himself a copy of TWWH1, so we can play multiplayer campaigns together now. While it is a lot of fun playing with or against each other, in both campaigns that we played yet the same bug has occured. The Chaos rises just as normally but instead of invading the whole map and spreading corruption all over the old world, it just goes on until it reaches Kislev, burns down this city and then just stays there. In every campaign we played thus far, the 2 or 3 full stack armies of the Chaoswarriors just chilled besides the destroyed Kislev. And even further, the Chaos invasion of Archaon never even started. Is this normal in multiplayer campaigns or just a bug? And if its a bug, how do we fix it?
Hoping for an answer i remain with best wishes,


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