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Female leader diplomatic voice bugs (Zenobia and Cleopatra) [Update to report DK hotfix bugs!]

IelloIello Senior MemberPosts: 393Registered Users
edited March 2018 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Zenobia and Cleopatra have their diplomatic dialogue replaced by someone else's (it's either Teuta's diplomatic voice set, or a generic one, I can't tell), instead of using the unique diplomatic responses/voices that Zenobia and Cleopatra are supposed to use.

Hopefully this can be addressed with a hotfix patch or something.

Cleopatra's seems to work initially and then gets bugged out (like if you declare war on her, she turns generic) while Zenobia's just starts generic and is missing her unique voice set that she had before the DK patch. It's possible to get Cleopatra's unique voice back by pulling yourself back up from a very negative diplomatic relations level, back to medium.

It's very confusing.

DK Hotfix update: Zenobia's voice is fixed! Hurrah!

However, her lips don't move when she talks in diplomacy (haven't checked elsewhere yet). This is a new bug.

Cleopatra still uses a generic voice when at low approval.
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  • BenjinBenjin Junior Member Posts: 256Registered Users
    Yeah, I've noticed this as well - some of the voice over triggers have been messed up and are not in the right orders.

    Just to add to the examples above - if you have Cleopatra leading an army, she will say - upon recruiting soldiers - voice lines that indicate she's recruiting ships for her fleet rather than men for her army.

    Currently working on a whole lot more, stay tuned.
  • IelloIello Senior Member Posts: 393Registered Users
    Yes, good addition. I’m noticing the fleet recruitment bugged lines when it should be troop recruitment for generic female generals too.
  • IelloIello Senior Member Posts: 393Registered Users
    Update for DK Hotfix: Zenobia's voice seems to work properly now in Empire Divided! Thanks for the fix!

    However, there's a new bug introduced -- her lips don't move when she talks. So she has the correct VO, but.... a new bug has been introduced.

    Cleopatra still uses a generic voice when at low diplomatic approval.
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