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End turn frozen game.

W1lW1l Posts: 1Registered Users
Hi, well im new here n i need some help with this game, after play 190 turn when i click on end turn my game frozen, how can i fix it?
Thanks for ready this.

Win 7, amd a4 4000, 3ghz processor, 8 gb ram, gforce 210.


  • Phalanx109Phalanx109 Junior Member Posts: 32Registered Users
    There is no fix. This is bug that has managed to survive in every single Total war I have ever played. There is a few work arounds that might work. The first one is move your units differently then you did at the time of the crash. Dont ask me why but sometimes this works. The second one is load from a previous point and do nothing end turn and see if it by passes the crash. If both of these fail sorry to say your entire campaign is corrupted and lost.

    This is also why the total war games are hurting, they keep coming out with new total war games, but refuse to fix the old ones. Despite how great some of them are like Empire total war. I hope my suggestion helps you work around this bug.
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