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Alans - Unit recruitment impossible

zoulousszoulouss Posts: 1Registered Users

By advance sorry for my english, i am french..
I like to play this game and try new faction with new objective, but Alans have a real problem with technologies.

The problem is recruitment. All unit evolutions acquire with technologies are impossible to recruit with any buildings you can have in horde or cities. In hordes you are very poor and recruitment of good units is difficult because of price, consequently if you loose some unit it became more and more difficult with the poor unit availability. Money problem is enough, please don't make more !
For exemple : "pilleur alains élu" (in english translate by google "elected alan raider") is an evolution with technologies but available anywhere, it's a big problem because it is an important unit for battle ! You can only recruit the first unit and the first evolution, why ?
And after installation (sometimes with hordes too, depending to your buildings), there is more problems because with evolution of buildings (farm - farm of sheep - herd ... for exemple) you can recruit unit only at low level and units change between first and second evolutions (and you have nothing with wheat farm), how to build an army and have money ??? This is the same with cities where recruitment of basics unit is impossible at big level ! And a lot of unit are loose.

Please fix this issue.

Thanks for read

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