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Budyguard selection function

ReFleXzZReFleXzZ Registered Users Posts: 1
edited March 2018 in Community Mods
There is a mod which adds bodyguards to the game.. But if more bodyguards are added it isn't possible to choose from all of them, because there is no scrolling bar. I looked at the mod files and there is nothing which is changing the UI in any ways, which means for me, that the mod is just activating a feature of a Rome II feature which is still lurking around in the Attila pack file like other things. So there MUST be a file in the data.pack (most probably in "data.pack/ui/campaign ui" or something like that) which can be changed to correctly implement this function in the game. It's enough to assign more than one unit to one and the same "faction_key" in the "commander_unit_permissions_tables" to activate this "feature". So, since I already looked after the file which is responsible for the functioning of the campaign ui, I found out that this file has to be a binary file. But the problem is that common hex editors (and even not the one which is implemented in Mitch's Mod Manager) can read those files probably.
To come to an end, I wanted to ask if there is a tool which allows me to alter this file and to reimplement the bodyguards selection function to the game. So, is there one? Or does anybody know a solution for this?

kind regards

ReFleXzZ o:)
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