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I made a video about the history of the cavalries in The Three Kingdoms Era and Han Dynasty

Scavenger_LjlScavenger_Ljl Posts: 1Registered Users

I know it is hard to find information about the military history in ancient if you cannot read Chinese, so I made this video based on several sources written Chinese including several that were written in Han Dynasty.

My English Isn't very good, but I tried my best to translate the information I found and made them into this video.


  • mitthrawnuruodomitthrawnuruodo Junior Member Posts: 1,104Registered Users
    Not bad for a first video. Keep it up.
  • NerdfishNerdfish Senior Member Posts: 243Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    Great vid.

    Some of those elite cavalry units need to be heroes (in the shogun style). They were men royal to specific commanders, as you pointed out in the video. I don't think you should be able to hire them in large numbers and assign them to every army.
  • BreadboxBreadbox Posts: 575Registered Users
    Not bad, if you can read Chinese, I recommend this book :
    ‘Three Hundred Years of North and South Wars: Military and Regimes in 4th to 6th Centuary China’

    Despite the title, its content actually starts from the Warring states period.
    And unlike most history books, which is mostly rehashing ancient chroniclers, focusing on the various events and characters.
    This book focuses on the technical aspect of ancient warfare, talking about cavalry and infantry tactics in various times, their evolution and such.

    Quite a rare find.

  • ranknfileranknfile Senior Member Posts: 7,306Registered Users
    Very nice. Looking forward to more from you.
    "Whoever desires is always poor" - Claudian
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