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Warhammer 3, my list of suggestions

makar55makar55 Registered Users Posts: 1,889
edited March 2018 in Feedback & Suggestions
1. Unique look of equipped items

Atm in game if you equip item all it adds stats or ability, my idea is to give items more value by expanding the way it works.
Melee weapons, shields and etc will be equipped for Lords/Heroes. The main point of this feature is to add player option to diversify the units he has by giving an option to choose between types of weapon he get. But things does not end here, by the type of weapon units can get new properties like armor penetration, magic attack and etc. But there is one "but": ingame some Lords use 2 handed weapon instead of 1 hand, it means that it would not be easy to replace it, so by this way can be added classes for characters to block 1hand weapon for 2hand hero.

Why should it be in game?
- new feature to sell the game
- adds depth in units management
- should not be hard to implement due to amount of melee weapons done to each race (works as skins)

2. More boss fights!

Do you remember last battle in Wood Elves campaign? You could not touch the enemy lord till you get rid of his servants. Similar gameplay happends in other races scenario too, but why should it be limited to this? Why not to add for every faction scenario with boss at the end and by boss I mean cool abilities player will interact with. You can also add bosses in capital sieges as additional challange for player. In game 3 there will be Daemons of Chaos and in my opinion it is great field to add boss mechanics, especially for Greater Daemons.

Why should it be in game?
- new feature to sell the game
- new mechanic to vary battles
- fits daemons perfectly

3. Redone sieges or no sieges at all

In my opinion atm sieges are fun only then enemies have 4x more units then mine. How can it be improved? Add special buildings on the siege map which are connected to buildings you've done on the city management menu. Whole the map is city and player need to protect these buildings (otherwise you will need to repair it or build from the scratch). Another idea is just to change sieges at all, make it like tower defence mini game.

4. Maps with magic

The landscape of maps is close to perfect already, but there are still things that can be added. I am not the God of Lore of warhammer, so if it does not fit - correct me. All the idea is to add these massive magic spells heroes use as an inviroment of the map. This magic environment can be static or dynamic but it should hurt the player units! So it will create new conditions for tactics + new gameplay experience. Or there goes another idea, player need to control some kind of magic on the map to destroy other's player army by it's power.

Why should it be in game?
- alternative for last battle like scenario
- new mechanic to vary battles

5. High resolution texture pack for old races

Total War Warhammer 3 is third game in series and by this way it means there is a GAP between release of TWW1 and TWW2. It is noticable even in TWW2, units of TWW1 look worse, not only meshes but textures too. It will become a way noticeable once Mortal Empires like map will be released in TWW3. So to solve this problem you could release High resolution texture pack, which should not be a problem, I've seen the original models on artstation and their textures are a way better that we have in game. If somehow you don't want to spent resources on this feature, just add an option for modders to change size of textures for units.

Why should it be in game?
- to make old races look in shape

6. No Mortal Empires(or new campaign) or only significantly improved Mortal Empires

Yeah, Vortex campaing is a part of marketing, but you can always show new features to persuade consumers in new product. In my opinion spreading resources to 2 massive campaings is bad idea. People have already discussed scale of ME. The best decision in my opinion is to provide Mortal Empires campaign in the way people wanted it. I am sure main target for sequels is people who bought TWW1, it is noticable by release of ME itself. So please them to buy your game.

Why should it be in game?
- polished game process
- No need to spread fixing into 2 parts

7. More DLC

This is the simplest idea I have atm. It is all about tabletop players. Look to the prices of models. As example: New Morathi model = 120$. TWW2 costs 60$. Everytime I watch game price tag I say: Oh my, how can it be so cheap? Here goes my plan. SELL MODELS. Units. Unique skins and etc. Sell legendary Lords for 5$, it is not expencive to produce and fans of certain LLs will by them for sure.

Why should it be in game?
- you get money
- fans get additional content

8. Deeper ingame mechanics, a way deeper.

Make stack of 100 units unique(each units has it's story, look, moral and etc or similar) or add disasters, anything to spice up gameplay will fit this paragraph of my ideas.

I hope someone will find it useful.

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