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Anyone want to play with a noob and give him some help? (Shogun 2).

hammerandanvilhammerandanvil Posts: 2Registered Users
I'm completely new to Total War, and it'd be really helpful to talk with someone who has hundreds or even thousands of hours on the game (or game-series). The game is massive, and even build guides can be a bit confusing because they sometimes presuppose basic knowledge of how the franchise functions.

If anyone wants to play, just drop your steam username in the comments, or private message me (if that's possible), and we can play!


  • ShaunPancakeShaunPancake Posts: 1Registered Users
    Yo, this might be a little late, but I've been looking for someone to play with. My steam name is ShaunPancake. Feel free to add me and we can play! (I probably have about 100 hours in different total war games, but there is always room to grow).
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