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Game Broken?

Hello, I recently started up a game with a friend on Fall of the Samurai. We are both on hard difficulty, but what I have been experiencing is no less than a frustrating mess. No matter what faction I play (Ive tried playing 4 so far, with the same outcome each time), every single faction around me declares war on me by turn 5, including allies. I observe it by the diplomacy menu. They will either be friendly or indifferent one turn and then suddenly hostile the next, and then the turn after that they declare war. This is compounded by the fact that unit replenishment for me is totally screwed as well. I have the buildings to recruit the units, and they are stationed in a castle with a general, yet each takes a minimum of 8 turns to replenish, no matter what tier they are.

I have played this game on hard difficulty before and never had this problem. By turn 10 I have a minimum of 4 factions at war with me, doesnt matter if they were allies and very friendly in the beginning. In one case I had 6 factions declare war on me by turn 8! This is unplayable because I literally cannot fight off 4 or more factions sending stacks into my territories when I only have at most 2 provinces.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? This is a fresh install with no mods.

P.S. My friend is not having this issue when playing COOP, only me.


  • HrolfgordHrolfgord Registered Users Posts: 4
    Every game i play no matter what i do, whether it be just sit in 1 settlement or defeat enemies that declare war on me, every faction will switch to whatever is opposite of me and focus on declaring war on the human, ignoring factions between us.
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