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Mini Lord Packs; Yes or No?



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    Wyvax said:

    I'm of the opinion that there needn't be any standardization or hard and fast rules when it comes to cost and DLC content. So for example we could have Marius Leitdorf on his own for relatively cheap, yet we could get the Ar-Ulric with Teutogen Guards and Knights of the White Wolf for more (and Boris as FLC upgraded of course). Another example: say we get a nice themed pack that comes with oh say, Markus Wulfhart, Empire Huntsmen, Bohemond Beastslayer, Taurox the Brass Bull and the Ghorgon as part of it, that doesn't mean that we need another Bretonnian unit to go with Bohemond like the others got (though frenzied truffle hounds do sound fun :p ).

    That would be a cool idea for mini Dlc's i'd $5 a pop for those but not more than that or if CA wants to just add LL or LL hero's put them at 1 or $2 so they could all Named characters in Warhammer Fantasy
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