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Estalian "official" lore

PoorManatee6197PoorManatee6197 Registered Users Posts: 830
So i was in the internet and i found this pdf about estalia: http://tinstargames.weebly.com/uploads/1/2/0/2/12026323/swords_of_the_south_bm_2016.pdf

-So what?- you say- there are tons of fan mades in the net.

Well, the thing is that this isn't a simple fan made, this was going to be a official supplement for WFRP 2nd edition, but was cancelled by the arrival of the 3rd edition. I don't know if CA has any plan to include Estalia (probably not) but if they do, i think this would be a good source of information since is the closest thing to cannon we have. What do you think?
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