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3 player multiplayer campaign

grantb001grantb001 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 99
edited April 2018 in General Discussion
I've done quite of few head to head campaigns throughout the total war series, and they are quite fun. working together but also fighting other people in the same campaign, even if we work together at times you still fight and take over each others provinces in a head to head, seeing who is better in the campaign and in battles.

Anyways to get to the point head to head is quite fun and it would be even cooler if we could have another player, in a campaign head to head, now I can already imagine some comments being like but like that would take forever to play and finish. Well, I would say you could make it so you have the option to simultaneous turns like they do in civilization when all player end/play their turn at the same time. If that doesn't work, there are still turn timer, and even if its a bit long the players who think that do not have to play a 3 player head to head, it doesn't affect them, me personally wouldn't care about the wait, or would rather have the option to wait, then be just limited too two players in a head to head campaign.

I'm no programmer but I don't think it would be that hard to include this in game, you just have to create the option for another player to be in a 2 player campaign, it doesn't seem so difficult to do, I could be wrong, but I think its little effort compared with the coolness of three players multiplayer campaigns.


  • grantb001grantb001 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 99
    If they can make simultaneous turns work then it could be 4+ people playing on a single multiplayer campaign, but there would be a problem with people playing battles, which would be a bit long, so I would say with about 4 people it would be best, and auto-resolve non-close battles, if they want to, to be faster but if the other people don't mind I guess they can play most of their battles still. I had a loose rule when playing with friends that when we fight each other factions, we would play the battle unless, one was obviously gonna win, and there was no chance for the other person, but we could play those to if we wanted to for fun.
  • HugothesterHugothester Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 566
    If I remember correctly in Shogun 2 you had simultaneous turns! While the first player played his turn the second could build buildings, manage taxes and other things, but they could not move the armies until their turn, since that would be impossible to manage simultaneously in a turn based game.
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  • UgandaJimUgandaJim Registered Users Posts: 272
    They dont wanna invest money for this features. We have several threads with hundreds of answers in the Warhammer forums. Not even a single post from CA as an answer. Nothing. They just dont wanna make it.
  • The_baronThe_baron Registered Users Posts: 540
    @grantb001 Your are right ! I think Total War battles are too long as is and should be completely removed from the game, singleplayer auto resolve will make it so much better and faster.

    also why only multiplayer simultaneous turns ? lets do single player simultaneous turns as well ! it will be such a great game :) I don't get why we need the game to be turn based seems so redundant !
  • ReznikovReznikov Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 5
    As long as 3 players consent that obviously a 3 player campaign will take time, that would refute the 'too long' argument.
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