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Total War Mythology - new game idea!

AdopotatoAdopotato Registered Users Posts: 19
So with the Total War Warhammer trilogy nearly coming to an end, it had me wondering what possibly could they do next to the fantasy genre. I knew lord of the rings was out of the question (fingers crossed there's still hope) But recently I was watching some God of War cutscenes for the new game and had a curious thought... A total war based on ancients myths and legends! An incredible addition to the already growing fantasy genre. No elves or orcs but just your average joes like us, facing horrors and monstrosities of legend! We could have god powers, summoned creatures, heroes of myth! CA could do anything they wanted with no limits!

I'm sure this has been brought up before as I cant be the only one thinking this. This would be particularly great as you guys wouldn't have to seek trade rights from other companies! (making this game incredibly mod friendly also!).

Factions based on Greek, Norse, Egyptian and even Asian mythology are all viable!

tell me your thoughts on this idea and if you have any suggestions please don't be afraid to share :)


  • Rochaid29#5392Rochaid29#5392 Registered Users Posts: 1,446
    nearly coming to an end? you mean in the next 2 or 3 years ?

    I like yer idea tho.. kinda like age of mythology
  • Fossoway#5540Fossoway#5540 Registered Users Posts: 5,396
    Rochaid29 said:

    nearly coming to an end? you mean in the next 2 or 3 years ?

    I like yer idea tho.. kinda like age of mythology


    All jokes aside, that's a great idea, but it would be a little bit of a rip-off from Age of Mythology. Not that it's a bad thing, AoM is old and unlikely to get a sequel at this point, but I can already see people losing their mind over this.
  • Nyanko73Nyanko73 Registered Users Posts: 1,355
    My question here is: why is this post in total warhammer forum?

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  • AdopotatoAdopotato Registered Users Posts: 19
    I figured around two years from now they'd be finished but I don't really know, considering Warhammer 1 was released around may 2016 (nearly two years ago) they are nearly halfway with game 2 already. In my mind they would have to start development during TWW3 if they wanted to start a new fantasy genre after, to meet SEGA deadlines.

    But yes similar to Age of Mythology although Age of mythology main component was the story of Arkantos. Age of mythology can't take credit for the actual myths and creatures nor the combination of different cultures/religions as that existed already in reality (as in people around the world didn't all share the same beliefs simultaneously) . Total War could easily pull it off without it seeming too much like Age of mythology as they are two very different games, weird saying this but CA version would be more "realistic".

    @Nyanko73 Ummm it's in the general discussions and is a proposed idea that id like to discuss for a total war game. Explain why it shouldn't be and where you think it should be?
  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 41,122
    edited April 2018
    @Adpotato there is a separate general discussion forum for each individdual game and one for TW games in general, including new ideas that aren't related to existing games. You posted in the Warhammer General Discussion but this thread is more appropriate to the Total War General Chat as it's not related to an existing game. So moved.

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  • AdopotatoAdopotato Registered Users Posts: 19
    That's odd i just clicked new discussion and it directed me to general discussion for total war (which I assumed was total war in general) my bad. Thankyou and Nyanko73 i stand corrected XD
  • SiWI#8629SiWI#8629 Registered Users Posts: 12,027
    I had this idea as well:

    it would be a natural next "non historical" setting for TW and combine the 2.
  • united84#8186united84#8186 Registered Users Posts: 1,209
    Interesting Idea.

    I have always wanted to use weather as a weapon in TW campaign map. Maybe building a wonder as a tribute to poseidon will grant 1 charge of tsunami that can be used on any settlement or army within the coastal area...haha..instant wipe.
  • MidyinMidyin Registered Users Posts: 27
    I love this idea.

    Age of Mythology was a fantastic game, but suffered from “Age of.... Syndrome” a common problem i see a lot in RTS games where in the battles don't feel big enough because the battle fields are so small and all together the armies only span about 50-100 troops.

    But yeah, Age if Mythology/Total War mash up would be amazing with REAL myth units. Like Actual Giants. Not just tall people being called giants/Cyclops(i’m looking at you Troy. Tall and Giant are not interchangeable).
    I expect Jotun to be no smaller than 30 feet, and gods or titans should be up around the 75-100 feet tall.
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