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Postgame analytics

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Hello there,

I was wondering if it would be possible with the engine we currently use, or a mod, to be able to track data for analysis. My suggestion for doing so is to either be able to run an independent tracker mod (such as Recount in world of warcraft) or to apply this to the post-battle screen. Some things I would like to be able to see:

Damage total- see how much damage a unit put out and against who

Damage to cost effectiveness- Track by gold how much damage a unit did. So for example if your swordsmen attack other swordsmen (400g) who have 4,000 hp (made up number) every 10 damage they did they would get 1g toward their effectiveness. Because of healing you just have to take the total hp value after healing and then divide it by the cost to determine how much it got.

Spell effectiveness- how much damage the spell did to how many targets, damage per second for vortexes, etc.

Damage taken- being able to check a unit and see what damage was taken from what source

Buff effectiveness- see what damage was created or mitigated by a buff/debuff effect.

I just think since so much of our analysis of the game right now involves anecdotal evidence some hard numbers from replays could really help us with sharpening up. So my first question is of course can this be done. My second question is, would anyone be willing to do it? I would donate and maybe some other people would too if someone would be able to give us such a wonderful tool.

Thank you for your time.


  • hurricane501#1568hurricane501#1568 Registered Users Posts: 1,834
    Basically kills and losses is how you track it.

    I doubt they can add something like this it would kill the cpu... ca cant speed up end turn times how on earth do you expect them to do this?

    Damage done would be nice. I mean coh2 does exactly what you want it tracks all damage done but for unit class not specific units and shows a % of how good they performed.
  • endurstonehelm#6102endurstonehelm#6102 Registered Users Posts: 4,283
    I'd like to see some postgame analytics. We know they have some analytics on campaigns started, completed, etc.

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    It would be nice even if they could transfer the points system from free for all battles over to the endgame screen per unit, just so we know what unit accrued what points. That would be a good start and then be able to scale it down further and more in depth.

    Also, show summoned units for god's sake. I want to know how my summoned units did. The enemy gets to tally them as kills, i'm pretty sure.
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    Just looking back through my old posts and this is one of my favorites. Glad it got implemented (I'm sure i'm not the only one who suggested it, but still, feelsgoodman.)
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