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Campaign Map Not Working After Windows Update Last Year

83n83n Registered Users Posts: 1
This problem started in August 2017. I have tried many things to fix it since then but nothing has worked. So I am going to post it here as this is not something I can fix on my own.

The problem started after windows 10 installed an update. I was playing the game, and windows 10 said it wanted to restart to install updates (I can get the exact date if you want it from the saved game file), so I saved the game, restarted the computer, after rebooting I loaded the game right away and it did not ever work properly again. I even found the windows setting to reverse the update, but even that did not fix it.

Basically the campaign map is all jittery and blurry but only if you try and move around on it. It gives you a headache to look at and really disrupts game play to the point I cannot play. If you don't move, the map looks fine. I tried changing to windowed mode. If the window is the same size as my screen I have the same problem. If the window is much smaller it goes away, however that creates other problems like on the battle map I cannot scroll to one side unless my mouse stops exactly on the edge of the window which makes it hard to play. it also makes the screen so small that you are not really immersed into the game anymore and it is not fun.

I did try changing a load of settings last year, something to do with V-Sync etc that I found other people to have suggested when searching online for similar problems, however my Nvidia control panel has now disappeared for some reason so I have lost access to these settings now.

My Geforce experience also stopped working around the same time so I could not install updated drivers. I recently fixed this, and installed updated drivers, but still the same issue with the game. (not sure if this was the cause for my control panel disappearing?)

If anyone can help me fix this, so I can finish the save game I was playing in August last year, that would be really awesome. Thank you.
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