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Possible Ikko Ikki faction Bug

Uncle_PedroUncle_Pedro Posts: 1Registered Users
Hey folks! So I decided to take up Shogun 2 once again for a bit of R&R and started up a new campaign as the Takeda..after for playing for about half an hour I claimed 2 other provinces and started building up armies to expand further. And of course as soon as I reached my Third Province I encountereed the Ikko Ikki of of course due to me eexpanding, declared war on me (now keep in mind that the game starts at 1545, this happened at about 1550 up until I just completely gave up at 1558) Which I thought was simply natural...Until they decided to invade with 4 generals, all 5 stars with Maxed out Bow and Katana Ronin and Specialised Yari units...N-NANI?! Like what the actual f*ck? I was able to hold off one of the armies with what units I could mush together at one castle but the Victory was stupidly minor since I have about 200 men left alive from the 1,300 that were defending the castle...after that they just mowed over my land and I just gave up.

Now then, the reason why I think this may be a bug is because I've played as the takeda and been in the same situation before, BUT the Ikko Ikki never had this sort of Power which made it an even and fair fight for both parties which made it fun! now I just get pillaged in the rear with every new campaign I start. I've tried other factions and the EXACT same thing happens, no matter if you're the Shimazu or the Date all the way up North, the Ikko Ikki will Destroy all of the NPC factions before working it's way up to you and annihilate you where you try and fight back. If someone could look into this and find out that would be great because I can;t tell if I'm either mentally handicapped, or this is a buff gone wrong, thoughts???
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