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New units liked to the campaign research and cross faction recruitment

vladuvixvladuvix Registered Users Posts: 2
I am new to modding but a huge fan of the warhammer tw series and i decided to create a mod of my own.

Short description: I want to create True Phoenix King mod for ME, in witch Malekith is able to recruit a various range of elf units (dark, high and wood). On the long term i plan to change start position and many other thighs.

I managed to create units on my own that duplicates the existing ones (so that the AI will not recruit them) and add new buildings to the Dark elves.

1) how can I make a unit (ex: Phoenix guard) to benefit from campaign buffs and character buffs like another unit (ex: the research that gives Black guards more armor should give more armor to the Phoenix guard as well)

2)I am a programmer with an experience of 2 years and is extremely frustrating to not be able to debug or at least pin-point the problem that caused the crash. Is it any way you can check this? some crash dump, stacktrace? something....

3) for the buildings that i added from other faction for some reason it always show the hammer icon (upgrade available) even if is not possible or at the last level, any idea how or where should i look so that i can fix this?

Thank you very much !

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