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User Info RequiredLauncher Crashing - Black screen

OmegaGorezOmegaGorez Registered Users Posts: 2
edited May 2018 in Crashes
As soon as I start Thrones of Britannia via steam, the launch crashes instantly:

I've tried debugging, the launcher is having issues with launcher/Qt5Gui.dll, as shown in the image below:

I've tried deleting this file, the core file as well as the launcher.exe itself, then redownloaded it via steam. However, I still get this crash. I think I'll try completely removing and redownloading but if someone knows what the issue please feel free to share the fix.

Also if you need any logs or the entire stack trace please let me know.
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  • OmegaGorezOmegaGorez Registered Users Posts: 2
    Self-Resolved, but just to inform people running into this issue, I had many versions C++ installed on my computer over the years (2008-2017) and 32bits as well as 64bit as I've needed them for developing. To check if you have the same issue go to:
    1. windows key
    2. search 'add or remove programs'
    3. scroll down to Microsoft Visual C++ [YEAR] Redistributable
    4. If you have multiple versions remove all except the latest year and the either x86 or x64 depending if your operating system is 32bit or 64bit respectively (example below)

  • BillyRuffian#6250BillyRuffian#6250 Registered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 41,122
    Thanks for the update. I'll mark the matter Solved.

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  • Ivanblack1993Ivanblack1993 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I have tried this and it hasn't worked for me im afraid. I have the issue where the games says its loading, but then syncs and doesn't load at all.

    I have been playing shogun tw fine, however I did install atilla recently and came up with the same issues of loading and syncing.
  • TheodoreTheodore Registered Users Posts: 91
    edited May 2018
    I had the exact same issues with Attila, on the advice of a player on steam deleted the launcher file then copied and paced the Rome 2 launcher file in its stead and it worked. However, when I tried to do the same with thrones Britannia the launcher appears but thrones itself is nowhere to be found.

    P.S. Is there anyway to make the launcher window bigger?
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    By the way, China's warring states period would make an ideal setting for a total war game.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warring_States_period
  • nottoofadednottoofaded Registered Users Posts: 46
    I am in the same boat as ivanblack1993.
  • Shieldhero90Shieldhero90 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,053
    Hi Everyone,

    First I want to apologise that this issue is occurring for you. Please could you follow the steps below and provide us with the files to investigate further:

    Clean Graphics Driver Installer Walkthrough

    AMD Clean Install
    1. Download latest drivers or Drivers you requested from AMD.com for OS
    2. When you’ve installed the software, make sure that after the software opens you tick the “Keep software up to date” check box.
    3. Click Local Driver, then click custom install
    4. Bottom right of the screen click the “Clean Install” button
    5. A prompt will appear stating that PC will restart after all drivers have been removed
    6. Once the PC has restarted, the AMD software will automatically start up and begin to install the driver you originally downloaded.
    Windows 10 Clean Install
    1. Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Nvidia Windows Display Drivers
    2. Change and remove button -> Confirm uninstall - > Reboot
    3. Nvidia Site -> Install required Drivers
    Windows 7/8.1
    1. Control Panel -> Add/ Remove Programs -> Select Nvidia Windows Display Drivers
    2. Click Change/ Remove or Add/ Remove -> Confirm Uninstallation
    3. Reboot PC after completion and when prompted
    4. Nvidia Site -> Install required drivers


    How to Acquire the Windows Event viewer files and Launcher Logs

    Event Log Retrieval
    1. Press windows Key and then Type Event Viewer", then proceed to open the application (Please note that the application may take time to load completely)
    2. Once the Event viewer has fully loaded proceed to open Windows Logs -> "System" option from the drop-down menu, this will load all System log information
    3. On this panel please click “CLEAR LOG” on the right-hand side panel. (When you go to Clear all logs it will give you the option to save all logs up to that point, you may do so if you wish to a safe location)
    5. Restart PC
    6. DO NOT OPEN any applications when the PC loads simply attempt to load thrones through Steam or with the Application desktop icon.
    7. Once you have attempted this is please open Event Viewer again (Do Not Clear Logs again)
    8. Click Windows Logs -> System" to load all logs and then on the right hand panel click "Save all Events As..."
    9. Please proceed to do the same for the "Applications" section (Making sure NOT to restart PC again, but simply save the files)
    10. Once you've saved the file please place it in a safe location and then move onto the next section before posting in the forums
    Launcher Logs
    1. After you have retrieved the Event Viewer Files, please proceed to the following location on your HDD:
    2. Your Drive\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia\launcher
    3. Copy the “Launcher_Logs” file to the same folder the Event View files
    4. Please proceed to now create a forum post reply with these files
    Kind Regards,

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  • TeamfuriTeamfuri Registered Users Posts: 1
    i'm stuck and i cant fix it ... this bug will be fixed by the dev ?
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