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SolvedChoppy movies and campaign map

wombat778wombat778 Posts: 4Registered Users
edited May 2018 in Performance & Graphics
Dear support,

First, congratulations on the release of this great game! My son purchased this yesterday, and is having some performance trouble on the movies and campaign map on his (admittedly not high-end) laptop. Specifically:

1. Movies start smooth for a few seconds, then become extremely choppy (I am guessing 2-5 FPS). The sound sometimes stutters as well. This same effect happens in the background of the main menu as well, though it's less of a distraction there.

2. In general, the campaign map performance is very low. Battles are great and a nice performance improvement from Attila, but the campaign map is around 5-15 fps, depending on the area. It is technically playable (and my son is enjoying it), but it would be much better with just a few more FPS.

As far as I can tell, changing/lowering settings makes little to no difference to the above issues. The game is currently running at 1920x1080 fullscreen at the detected recommended settings (everything medium or lower, except textures which are Ultra). AA is off, and trilinear for AF. Setting all options to their lowest and resolution lower just makes the game look much worse, but with no obvious speed increase in the campaign map and movies. Ditto for windowed mode.


Dell 9560
Intel i5-7300HQ, 3.5ghz
Nvidia GTX1050 4GB (w/ latest Nvidia drivers installed)
Game installed on a SSD
Windows 10 w/ all updates

Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks!

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  • CA_NateCA_Nate Creative Assembly Posts: 923Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff
    Hi @wombat778

    first I want to apologies that your having these issues occur. Would it be possible for you to provide us the following responses and files to the questions below:

    1. Since you are running a Laptop would it be possible to let us knwo if you are running it at max performance settings. this can be checked by right clicking the battery icon and seeing if max settings is selected or on the power options screen.

    2. When you are running the laptop do you have it plugged in or running off the battery ?

    3. Would you be able to provide us with the following files:

    DXdiag: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/173597/how-to-find-your-dxdiag
    Preferences Script: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/173599/how-to-find-your-preference-script-file#latest

    Thank you and Kind Regards,

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  • wombat778wombat778 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Many thanks for your help Nate!

    To respond to your questions:

    1. I can confirm that the laptop is running with the "High Performance" power plan in the power options. I also checked within the power plan settings and confirmed that all the various performance settings are at maximum. Finally, I have confirmed that various NVidia settings in the NVidia control panel are at high performance.

    2. The laptop is always plugged in when running the game.

    3. I have attached the dxdiag and the preferences script. If helpful I have also recorded a video illustrating the choppy movies, but I would need to figure out some way to upload it to you as the it is larger than the forum can post.

    Thank you so much, and again, please let me know if I can provide additional helpful information.

  • wombat778wombat778 Posts: 4Registered Users
    I have managed to compress the video of the intro movie choppiness into a size small enough for posting. It is attached in case helpful in diagnosing the issue.
  • wombat778wombat778 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Dear support,

    I believe I have figured out the problem, and it has nothing to do with your game. For some reason, the laptop appears to be permanently throttling the CPU down to 0.8 ghz, regardless of the load. When I use Throttlestop to disable the throttling, the game plays fine. At least until I understand the root cause of the throttling, this is a reasonable workaround.

    In any case, apologies for wasting your time, and thanks for your prompt response!
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 17,527Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    Thanks for the feedback. Marking thread as Solved, but do not hesitate to post here again if there are further issues in the same vein.
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  • VMateVMate Posts: 1Registered Users
    Dear support,

    I have the same issues as the original poster. My laptop is not that old, and it's plugged in while playing and is at highest performance power plan. I've attached the text files. The game is less choppy if I turn on V-Sync but only for a turn or so.

    thanks in advance for the help!
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