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Why is there no sli support?

Loki42Loki42 Posts: 13Registered Users
As my new rig is setup for 4k gaming i would love to be able to use that. with just one card that is impossible , (low fps (20 and 28) with both cards active i get it to 48 and 60 in the test. But with the sli active via nvidia control panel the game is very unstable. Will you please fix this? I can run Atilla with sli even when that game is porly optimised i get 20 to 30 more fps.


  • RockZoneRockZone Posts: 13Registered Users
    You have to wait for Nvidia drivers loki. Its their job to bring out SLI-profiles for the game. That could take a few weeks. :)
  • Loki42Loki42 Posts: 13Registered Users
    According to nvidia it is the game developer that has to program it into the game. it,s up to nvidia to tweak the drivers game by game to get the most benefit. And since the devs ignore the question completely i suspect they never intend to make sli support for thrones of brittania. :(
  • Loki42Loki42 Posts: 13Registered Users
    just found this on the forum: Hi folks,

    NVIDIA have yet to release their SLI profile for this game but it is relatively simple to get it working prior to this. One problem is that Thrones.exe is mapped to Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series in nVIDIA inspector, so the game is getting attached to the wrong profile at the moment.

    To get it working:

    Open nVIDIA inspector and go to profiles (download nVIDIA inspector if you haven't already)
    Select 'Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series' from the dropdown list of profiles
    Remove thrones.exe from this profile (Game of Thrones doesn't use SLI anyways, so this doesn't break anything)
    Select 'Total War: WARHAMMER II' from the list of profiles.
    Add thrones.exe to this profile - just browse to where your thrones.exe is located in the game directory
    Apply changes and exit out of inspector

    The add and remove applications buttons are 6 and 7th in the icons at the top of inspector profile editor.

    And that should do it! It's a quick fix until a profile comes out but it works fine and the game reports it's using 2 GPU's in the graphics settings menu. Scaling is very decent and it runs as smoothly if not better than Rome II. Very nice.

    Hope this helps!


  • RockZoneRockZone Posts: 13Registered Users
    Nice, i hope that solution will help you.
    Yeah, the SLI-Profiles are coming out really soon mate. The next driver release should include Thrones.
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