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Is this spec good enough to run the game?

AndyBlackAndyBlack Posts: 3Registered Users

Thrones of Britannia seems like an interesting game set in a very interesting timeperiod. So I am tempted to buy it. But I don't really know if my computer is good enough to run it...

My specs are (the ones I am uncertain about):

Nvidia Geforce GTX 950m
Intel core (TM) i7-6700HQ [email protected],60GHz

-Andy Black


  • AstraeusAstraeus Member BrittonisPosts: 351Registered Users

    SSD over HDD is a key TW factor in terms of enjoyment you are potentially overlooking.

    However, how many GB of "vRAM" on that gpu varient is what you ought to scour your specs for. [look in nvidia settings/dxdiag/hwinfo or similar.] Less than 2GB and I would not enjoy the show. ToB's pulling ~2.7 to 3.5GB for me high settings/ultra unit, so I expect 2GB would be ample for low setting. 4GB you'll be laughing.

    Historically I have used that notebook cpu for Rome2/TWW1+2 and perfectly playable. Thrones runs easier on resources than TWW2 I find on my newer notebook.

    Do valve still have a refund policy on steam when a game's unplayable?
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