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User Info RequiredCavalry bug and Replay bug

Heinzu#5956Heinzu#5956 Registered Users Posts: 988
edited May 2018 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
One third of my cavalry unit keeps repeating this animation without any reason while traveling.

This leads to scattered formation and that could be problem in the middle of hard battles.

Thanks to this animation cycle my cavarly unit looks like this:

I am also posting replay. I do not use any mods. This battle is triggered by allies and my army will join fight later but you should wach "MY" cavalry unit . This bug should be easy to see because I have only one cavalry unit and I also demonstrated this problem at the end of this battle.

I also would like to report replay bug. While checking my replay I also noticed different number of casualties and AI seems to give different orders to some unit than before.
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  • RistrimirRistrimir Registered Users Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, it really ruins the effective use of shock cav. Something you have to micro manage...
  • Shieldhero90Shieldhero90 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,053
    hi @hanesdav

    Thank you for providing us with the above Battle_Replay file, would it also be possible for you to provide us with a save file before this occurring and also your modified log

    Kind Regards,

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  • Heinzu#5956Heinzu#5956 Registered Users Posts: 988
    Here's my modfied log. I'm not sure if this is the correct file because its size is 0 .

    I am not able to provide you with save file before this bug appeared but I can see it in custom battles as well. This animation cycle always starts after my cavalry attacks someone. I can upload only my current save file if you want.

    I also would like to know if you can see it in replay as well.
  • SudrenSudren Registered Users Posts: 1
    Same problem here.

    When I order my cavalry to charge ennemys troops, specialy in rout, the probless appears, as in the pics.
    the horses are rearing, for no reasons, as if there is some invisible static object on the ground.
  • InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
    Very annoying, I have the bug since the beta. I didn't notice it in the non-beta version.
  • InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
    Any update from CA on this problem ?
    If you lack info to investigate on this problem, I can provide them to you.
  • Heinzu#5956Heinzu#5956 Registered Users Posts: 988
    I had no chance to test ToB after the latest patch. Is this bug still there?
  • InocybeInocybe Registered Users Posts: 154
    Yes, After 1 month still nothing.
  • dikaiosdikaios Registered Users Posts: 1
    2 and a half years later and this bug is still present in the game.

    cA is nOt a cASH gRaB coMPanY! tHEy resPeCt thEiR cUsTomeRS!

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