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[Mechanic] Passive Waaagh! for Greenskins

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A passive ability that triggers every time the unit charges.

- Grants +18 Melee Attack and +18% Charge Bonus for 10 seconds.
- Cooldown: 10 seconds.
- Disabled if: Leadership is lower than 50%.
- Recharge if: Winning melee combat.

Numbers are placeholder.

How it works:

1. Greenskin unit with the ability charges the enemy. Ability triggers and provides bonuses.
2. After the duration runs out, if this unit is winning melee combat cooldown begins.
3. Disengage and charge again or charge another enemy unit if the previous routs.
4. If the Greenskin unit loses morale the bonus dissappears. Even if the ability is off cooldown it won't trigger on a charge while morale is low.
5. If the Greenskin unit is losing melee combat there is no recharging for the ability. This prevents the disengage and charge abuse if the unit was put into unfovarble match-up(or was affected into it by magic/abilities).


I've noticed that because of the insane Melee Attack bonus that the regular Waaagh! provides the Orc Boar Boy Big'Uns tear to shreds other elite cavalry that have much higher stats and costs if timed correctly. So I thought of an automated albeit a little less powerful ability that would serve the same purpose.

The combination of three conditions(have to be charging, be winning in melee combat for some time, not losing morale below threshold) perfectly ties into the lore description of the Greenskins: they like to fight but only so long as the fight goes in their favor, and if the tide of the battle turns they lose that willingness to fight and flee.

With the proposed mechanic the Greenskin player will have to remain on top of the situation the whole time, because if he/she loses the control of it and lets the morale drop or bogs down in an infavourable match up the ability will become inaccessable.

On the Campaign map this mechanic can be tied to the "Fightiness" level: armies with too low fightiness will have no access to this ability.
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