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Lost Eagle achievement not working?

FossowayFossoway Posts: 1,380Registered Users
edited May 2018 in Multiplayer Bugs
So I'm not sure if this actually a bug, and you probably know more about this than I do, but I feel that I still have to report it, just in case.

I think the Lost Eagle achievement is not spreading properly. I've been hunting for it actively since launch (and been keeping an eye on the steam achievement page for ToB), and after a week the percentage of players that have it is still an abysmal 0% . On launch day it was 0,2% (which I assume were the CA staff members?), before decreasing to 0 and not moving since then.

I was hoping to get it as soon as possible, and now I'm a bit frustrated that I can't do anything about it. Could you look into this, please?


  • FossowayFossoway Posts: 1,380Registered Users
    Ok, I want to confirm that this achievement is not spreading properly. I've finally defeated someone who had it, but I did not get anything in return.
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