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TWS2 - Shimazu Clan Campaign Tips

ShimazuYoshihiroShimazuYoshihiro Registered Users Posts: 3
Having a hard time with this game. The Oda weren't too bad. Didn't have much problem with them. Now I am trying the Shimazu on Normal.

I can't get a good start. I am at war with Ito(SP) from the beginning, so I finish them off, but then the north of the island unites and declares war on me. While I can hold them off, I end up spending myself into obscurity, never begin able to gain the advantage. The one time I was, i had negotiated a deal with the Sagara for military access, so that I could go after them. Just as my stack was about to enter the enemy territory, the Sagara cancel the arrangement and I am back in my border. :rolleyes: So I go around through the eastern side and the Mori end up being in my way with 9 provinces.

I have tried building up and playing defensively, but then the comp zergs me.

I have looked through the 'clan walkthrough' sticky, but is is hardly that.

Any tips to establish my presence as Shimazu? I wanted to try some of the other clans, but if I am having trouble with an "easy" clan, wont it be worse for the others?

Build Build Farms and Ports Create Market Upgrade Just Dont Waste in Creating units when you are having 10k in you income start conquering the osami hyuga and hizen dont make any alliances because it weakened your daimyo

Any Suggestion or Comment

We are Filipinos United as one Shimazu-Daimyo Filipinos
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