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TWS2 - Shimazu Clan Campaign Tips

ShimazuYoshihiroShimazuYoshihiro Posts: 3Registered Users
Having a hard time with this game. The Oda weren't too bad. Didn't have much problem with them. Now I am trying the Shimazu on Normal.

I can't get a good start. I am at war with Ito(SP) from the beginning, so I finish them off, but then the north of the island unites and declares war on me. While I can hold them off, I end up spending myself into obscurity, never begin able to gain the advantage. The one time I was, i had negotiated a deal with the Sagara for military access, so that I could go after them. Just as my stack was about to enter the enemy territory, the Sagara cancel the arrangement and I am back in my border. :rolleyes: So I go around through the eastern side and the Mori end up being in my way with 9 provinces.

I have tried building up and playing defensively, but then the comp zergs me.

I have looked through the 'clan walkthrough' sticky, but is is hardly that.

Any tips to establish my presence as Shimazu? I wanted to try some of the other clans, but if I am having trouble with an "easy" clan, wont it be worse for the others?

Build Build Farms and Ports Create Market Upgrade Just Dont Waste in Creating units when you are having 10k in you income start conquering the osami hyuga and hizen dont make any alliances because it weakened your daimyo

Any Suggestion or Comment

We are Filipinos United as one Shimazu-Daimyo Filipinos


  • RazmirthRazmirth Posts: 2,106Registered Users
    Well I tried to play as Shimazu first after they were claimed to be one of the “easiest” starting factions. And I have the same issue as you.

    I think the biggest issue you face is the otomo clan. What you need to do is kill off sagara right away after the ito. After that you need to find a way to either kill off otomo. They will eventually declare war on you, and when they do it’s a mess....the main problem is their Christianity. When you take their lands you will have a huge percentage of the population unhappy because you’re all about Bushido/Buddhism and they are not. You get completely stuck baby sitting your settlements/exempting them from taxes cause otherwise they revolt constantly.

    First thing to do is build a Buddhist temple and get a monk or two. Have them in your taken provinces from otomo and build temples there as well. It takes time but eventually it gets better.

    Just be ultra aggressive and only declare war on one faction at a time if you can. Even if they are allied it doesn’t neccesssrily mean their allies will come at you.

    Trade nodes are a huge source of income nearby, but I find my biggest mistake was trying to keep control of them during war time. The amount of freaking ships I needed to keep enemies off my trade routes was insane. I could have had a full 3rd stack for all the ships I had. Focus on protecting Just one point with one fleet. Focus on taking settlements. Enemies can’t send armies/fleets your way with no money or buildings.

    If u have them on the ropes and they ask for a peace treaty say no. They ALWAYS declare war on you again once they get their armies back up in a few turns.

    Hope that helps.
  • luther84695luther84695 Member Posts: 465Registered Users
    SHIMAZU's land battles are not too bad. I have more problems at sea. When sometimes AI sends a full stack to attack my trade node.

    The land battles are fine if you are okay with fighting a battle being outnumbered. There are a lot of youtubers who are good at winning battles while being outnumbered worse than 1:2. You can look at their videos. Basically the strategy involves creating a chain route. In early game, put your spears in yari wall and flank with katana samurai. I skip archers entirely and go with a full melee stack. I recommend skipping bow ashigaru entirely and wait until you get bow monks to use bows. If you want to take a city, just bait the AI into attacking you. Once AI loses, you go in and take the city. But to get the AI to attack you will require you to present an inferior force. So you have to learn to beat AI with an inferior force. Shimazu is the easiest in doing so due to the samurai bonus and having a forge which gives you really good bonus. I mean you can get the AI to route fast if you give gold spears to your yari ashigaru.
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