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Multiplayer victory conditions broken, makes late game nonsensical/unplayable

RamsesXXVIIIRamsesXXVIII Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 28
edited May 2018 in Multiplayer
Hi there

I’m sorry if this may be seen as “spamming”but I’ve raised this issue in General Discussion with no reply from CA. I’m hoping this is because the thread is lost in all the many threads.

Multiplayer campaigns have serious end game problems because of victory conditions.

See these threads:



First off, there’s only one way to win (short fame victory).

Secondly, victory conditions in coop are not synchronised (meaning you and your friends fame are not counted towards the same limit).

Thirdly, and this is not yet confirmed, players in multiplayer can’t continue a campaign once the victory conditions are met for one player. This is the way it was in Atilla and given CA has said that multiplayer would be “basically the same” I think it’s fair to assume it’s the same here.

Please fix these issues! Players should absolutely be allowed to continue playing despite one player meeting the victory conditions requirement- it is an essential part of the “sandbox” feeling. Imagine not being able to continue your campaign in single player after meeting the short victory conditions - it would end before it really started


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