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Multiplayer Campaign with 4 players

JeegRobotJeegRobot Registered Users Posts: 1
It would be nice if you implemented the multiplayer campaign for 4 players. All TW fans I know would like this! Will it ever happen?


  • The_Baron#4291The_Baron#4291 Registered Users Posts: 691
    Don't build on it - CA didn't update multiplayer campaign since 2010 ~ its been 8 years of the same multiplayer campaign experience. same with Multiplayer in general they don't try to make it better even though i can be amazing.

    ToB already out and no 4 player ... it won't be added now.

    p.s. I heard from a source that it this is most likely to not happen any time soon (next upcoming titles).
  • PandaTheWarriorPandaTheWarrior Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 959
    edited May 2018
    My uncle work at CA and he told me there is upcoming 100 players mmo campaing. Take it or leave it.
    "because you know nothing of multi-player and know nothing of tactics." Hero of Freedom (Too much GoT)

    I'm Panda_Warrior on steam.
  • The_Baron#4291The_Baron#4291 Registered Users Posts: 691
    edited May 2018
    @Pamina Holy **** this is amazing cause my uncle works at your uncle and he told that there is gonna be 100 players MMO with your uncle ^_^. take or leave it.
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