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I love this game

Aurelio2010Aurelio2010 Posts: 3Registered Users
I spent more of 2000 hours in Rome II since 2012! I want simply thank to CA for that game


  • lilsweetcaligulalilsweetcaligula Posts: 241Registered Users
    edited June 2018
    Same here, @Aurelio2010. I love this game too, and despite an initial debacle at launch, it has aged well into what we have today, thanks to the great effort on the part of the CA and the community.

    Its story kind of reminds me of the real history of Rome. In particular, its crushing defeat at Cannae in the Second Punic War didn't stop it from winning the war and eventually securing the title of a Mediterranean superpower.

    One day I will probably elaborate, but thought I'd drop my 5 cents now while I have the opportunity to do so.
    My personal favorite Total War games chart:
    I. Napoleon
    II. Attila
    III. Rome II
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