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I hope CA would see this

yhlwymyjm2yhlwymyjm2 Registered Users Posts: 58
I hope CA would see this.
Since Rome II changed some much I don't want, I really hate that but I can do nothing.
I am just talking about something I really dislike.

In the early version of Rome II:
1, The cavalry would not knock down so many infantry but just knock down some and push most of them backward
2,Mass effect is very well in early version.
3, There is good anti-charge damage for pike infantry. Cavalry rush into pikes would be kill at once, but slower infantry wouldn't.
4, Pike mechanism works very well. They kill very fast( it seems that any entity in range -0.5~+0.5 just front of a pikeman could be attacked ),now I could understand the pike attack cosine angle zone, but it is not good for the gameplay reason,though maybe more realistic,in the cosine angle mechanism, pikemen are weak in low depth but strong
in high depth, still kill not so fast of the same strengh.

What really makes me disappointed is that I can't change those in my mod,that really sucks,
I just want to choose what kind of changes to this game during patch-to-patch.
I really hate this. This make the game imperfect ,or maybe intolerable just for me.
Maybe it only about very very very short codes of the game, compares
with campaign,animation, but, I just can't change this.
Maybe some of your programmers could change this code in less than one minute,
and you never never notice these two-bit changes,but they are very important to me.

I hope there is a solution to the problem.
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