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Need help with FPS at my gaming Notebook

suschususchu Registered Users Posts: 1
edited May 2018 in Technology
Hey guys, first sorry for my bad englisch.

I have currently the problem, that my gaming notebook (below the specs) is running warhammer 1 extremly wierd.
I reach with everything on ultra in the benchmark 60-70 fps.

In 20/20 battles I have at the max 40 fps with dropps to 30-28.

Even if I lower the details like gras, trees or antialiasing my fps are only like 42...the drops are still there.
I would even go lower with some things (except unit size on ultra and unit details ultra...I dont want less beautiful looking units) but it seems, that nothing of my other changes have a impact on the fps.

What would you recommend to me for changes? Or is my system just not good enough to run it that way I want it?
Even if I set everything on medium except unit size and unit details I have the almost the same fps as if everything is on ultra. This cant be right, doenst it?

Intel® Core™ i7 7700HQ 2,80 GHz with turbo to 3,80 GHz
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
8GB ram
running on a HDD not a ssd :/

My driver is updated for the graphic card. The notebook is 1 month old.

I hope you can help me :)


  • psychoakpsychoak Registered Users Posts: 2,616
    This is typical.

    Notebook processors aren't as capable as desktop versions, and feeding the video card fully, while processing all that AI activity, is a very beefy job. The benchmark is basically a fraud, because it's doing next to nothing with the processor regarding unit behavior. It's just a scripted event. If you had an absolute beast of a processor, your benchmark and in game performance would be closer.
  • NeverBackDownNeverBackDown Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,838
    Your cpu is just not running fast enough to feed the GPU.

    While the person above is correct it's not as bad as he makes it seem.

    The laptop CPUs do tend to be slower but considering it has 8 threads it's fine. It's just the clock speed. However it's not all that much slower.

    With that said the best ways to get performance are to reduce Shadows, Screen Space Reflections, SSAO, and AA. As they are both CPU and GPU intensive.
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