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Thrones of Britannia: balance update and beta patch info



  • LESAMALESAMA Member Posts: 776Registered Users

    Bolshevik said:

    Nice job CA! But do you look at community feedback? Most of them wanted normal news for Total war: Warhammer 2, can you at least say when we can hear news about our favourite game?

    Uh, not my favorite game. Its more of a kids total war game because kids love playing with dinosaurs and other strange creatures.
    All total war games are for kids. Don't pretend like any of them are realistic simulators.
    Don’t be silly. Games are for everyone.
  • HouseWinterfangHouseWinterfang Posts: 1Registered Users
    the beta update brings a lot of nice changes and really appreciate the huscarl shields on the back(small details like this makes a great impact)but I want to add my point of view.Since 90% (more ore less)of this game has a very good historical accuracy I was wondering if you can make the factions coat of arms to evolve to get even closer to the "historical"coat of arms for example west sussex in the long victory to have the 3 lions coat of arms.one problem that I find its the long bow units...yea they are **** awesome but...but...the damage it's to low(I know its the first time in history used)and they need some padded armor,like I was saying the small details like this makes a game nice.another problem are the highland sharpshooters from Circenn,yes I know they have crossbow but I dont say make them strong like the longbow man just increase a little the damage after all the scots are know for good archers and unfortunately the highland sharpshooters are really bad like the norman archers bad.overall I love this game I am not a hater with zero constructive criticism like others and from what I saw...for this game you have listen to some feedback.Have a nice day
  • martinyoungwarmartinyoungwar Junior Member Posts: 19Registered Users
    How do I get the beta? In properties, betas, the message says NONE. There is no option for Patch 1.
  • ThePoshBarbarianThePoshBarbarian Posts: 42Registered Users
    @martinyoungwar the patch has been released and replaced the release version, though you can opt out back into the releases version if you want
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