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E:TW Difficulty Settings

DunnerstickDunnerstick Senior MemberPosts: 103Registered Users
So I've been playing Empire since release.
It's been a loonng time and in that time certain things haven't changed.
For instance, for the entire duration of its existence I've found it incredibly difficult to lose while playing on normal, that is unless I'm auto-resolving, playing as the Ottomans, or attempting to invade a united Marathan India.
Back to that auto-resolve point, I've tested it time & time again, quick saving, auto-res., losing, then reloading only to play it and literally win as if it were childs play.
I've also noticed that AI factions seem to have a hard time creating armies with a sensible core. They typically seem to have basic to poop infantry which walk into my volleys and route with ease.
Sometimes I enjoy a good, bitter defeat where my men fight tooth and nail but still come up short.
It adds personality to my campaign as I set about acquiring my revenge.
Sadly, Empire lacks this.

Napoleon:TW made some sound improvements, but I get incredibly bored with its narrow scope as opposed to the 3 continents featured in E:TW.

But back to my point.
I've never played above Normal, that is because in most games I've played the gap between Normal and Hard seems excessive.
On top of that I don't want an AI that is given boons for the sake of making them more challenging, that seems lazy to me.
Mainly because this seems to result in ridiculously spawned armies and the like.
Rather I want a more intelligent AI, one that can utilize in-game mechanics like the benefits of flanking or which knows how to utilize better troops.

So my question is how does Empire's difficulty settings function?
Will I see a better AI or just boons given to the AI?
Does anyone know of any applicable statistics or numbers?



  • aralousaralous Posts: 2Registered Users
    I'd say it's not so much that the AI gets buffed, but more that you get nerfed. Upkeep costs skyrocket and your units all have **** for morale. On the campaign map the AI becomes extremely aggressive and maintaining a land war in Europe is pretty much impossible. I managed to win on the hardest difficulty once as United Provinces. Basically I kept one mega army to defend my tiny piece of land in Europe, and focused all my other resources to expanding in the Americas.

    Overall I'd highly recommend playing on harder difficulties. The AI doesn't really play smarter in a battle, but you have to. You will never win a straight up fight, and auto resolves are off the table. I learned some of my best strategies that I still use in Warhammer 2 from Empire's harder difficulties. Also don't try to play hardest as France.
  • zmey_gorinichzmey_gorinich Senior Member Posts: 211Registered Users
    On VH, the AI will get essentially free armies; even one province minors will be able to spawn/support multiple stacks. So, it becomes a grind, very fast.

    On H it's more manageable.
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