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Graphical Bugs + Incorrect Officers/Flag bearer for Units.

The_Blind_OneThe_Blind_One Posts: 1Registered Users
The steam workshop section is currently filling up with minor graphical bug fixes.

Such as:

> Longbow Animation Fix.
> Shields down while marching.
> Fix for Bardr's beard in old age
> Fix for missing shield bosses.

Not sure what kind of bugs these technically are but I consider them mostly graphical mistakes/glitches.

Further more I've noted that many of the flag bearer officers are heavily under equipped for their job and their equipment seems rather dodgy at best.

> First of all, they probably shouldn't be in the front rank. Probably more in the middle ... if possible. Did they even have flag bearers in this time and age? It might be just as good getting rid of these guys entirely ..
> Or at least give them decent equipment on par with their officer counterparts since many of them are just peasants with a flag at the moment, compared to their officers who look decent, these guys look terribly out of place especially when you go up the list of improved units and these guys are in the front rank expected to die an early death I suspect ...

I subscribed just to report bugs about this game. This is my first time purchasing a CA game at full retail and I'd like to see enough love and attention to be brought to this particular game and setting as possible. I do very much enjoy the game so far. I do not regret purchasing the game at full retail and would review it positively but I do expect the game to be fully polished in the mean time. Otherwise the product and the franchise becomes a bargain bin sale item quickly.

There are also ''more variation'' mods on the workshop for the factions to increase the amount of faces and hair styles in the game portrayed currently. I think this is heavily missing in the vanilla edition. It gives off rather the feeling of clone army if you get what I'm saying :wink:

The final comment I'd like to make on the graphics is that most of the vanilla units all seem to have ''standardized'' equipment in a dark age world. While that may look really ''professional'' to modern gamers, I really doubt they all wore the same helmets + had exactly the same kind of equipment going. Some variation in this department would greatly help the immersion

Please take care and happy programming!

Much love,

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