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I need some help with Attila

GodofWar213GodofWar213 Registered Users Posts: 4
edited May 2018 in Community Mods
So i downloaded the new 1220 mod on steam for Attila i even bought the two DLCs required it was fun but i decided i would wait abit more for newer updates however when i turned off all the mods the portraits was still there like the mongol portrait over the huns the cumans over the white huns kingdom of sicily banner of western roman empire and when i tried playing the mod ingame portraits was still there!! I tried to unistall the game on steam but it was the same i then deleted all the mods and it was still there! I unistalled the game again and it is STILL THERE i seriously dont know what to do anymore i have tried to go into the folders and delete potraits which i did but i am afraid if i by accident delete something important so i am seriously despereate for some help....


  • oyurtseverrroyurtseverrr Registered Users Posts: 3
    I have the same issue:( any solution to take back original game's main menu?
  • GodofWar213GodofWar213 Registered Users Posts: 4
    I actually found a soloution! I deleted my total war atilla files and the game on steam and i installed it again so it was new however you should take you're saves out of the total war attila folder and then put it back after you installed it again.
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