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Resuppling in Allied or Vassal territory

Manu_La_CapucheManu_La_Capuche Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 15
With the new supplies and food values (basically less of them available) we also need to be able to resupply within allied or vassal territory, because right now, in early game, you are not even able to campaign in your allies territories to defend them (4-5 turns of supply), running out of supplies so quick and having to spend much time within your own.


  • ShiroAmakusa75ShiroAmakusa75 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 31,833
    I also think raiding should give you more than just +5 when you are hit with a whopping -20 penalty in foreign territory. +10 would be more appropriate. Could even tier it so you can forage more in regions with farms or cattle.

  • TlaxtlanSoothsayerTlaxtlanSoothsayer Registered Users Posts: 2,751
    Yes, I wholeheartedly agree.

    It's mildly annoying that your troops run out of supplies quickly, when you try to help and defend your vassals.

    They also pay you taxes, you're their liege.
    They definitely should supply their lord's troops with food.
  • KerginKergin Registered Users Posts: 90
    Supplies, time per turn, and range of movement seem to be in a mismatch of sorts.

    For instance, supplies...I can understand an army gearing up for an annual campaign and having about a year's supply on hand. The person in charge of that decision, made in a vacuum, could be justified in his decision.

    I suspect the person in charge of the movement mechanic wanted to be sure an army could not leave London and end up in the high north in one turn. So limits on movement were put in, so maneuver and such became possible.

    The person in charge of turns and game flow wanted to be sure it did not take to many turns to play the game and that each turn had interesting stuff that happens, so three months in a turn seemed reasonable to him.

    But when you combine them, you have an army with a realistic amount of supplies, but which can only move a few weeks worth of marching, and then the turn is over and 3 months have passed. In the end the army moves nowhere near the distance it could have marched in a year, but the supplies are consumed right on time. The army runs out of supplies well before it completes a year's worth of campaigning.

    Putting movement, supplies, construction, research, growing families, etc... all on the same time line is probably not a fun game for the masses. There is a reason these elements are abstracted. That being said, supplies probably need to be abstracted, too.

    For example, a typical army could keep itself in the field for one campaign and even manage to supply itself to conduct sieges. In this game, a campaign that takes one year historically might take two or more years in game turns. If that is the case, then the supplies may need to be taken off a time line and attached to armies in a different manner.

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