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Building Gaming PC for total war guide

AlatristerAlatrister Junior MemberPosts: 6Registered Users

My name is Alexandros and I am currently thinking of throwing a large amount of money to be able to play mostly total war games at ultra graphics and with large amounts of troops without a glitch at as much FPS as possible. I have been a total war player all my life and now is the time for me to at last create a beast to be able to handle any total war.

After reading as many comments as possible in the forum regarding how the rig should be built and watching relative videos I have concluded with the following specs. Please give me your opinion guys. Any comment on how the game would perform and any suggestion as to how it could be potentially improved or thoughts that it is overkill at some parts are welcome.

Here it goes:

Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64-bit Edition)/ DirectX 12 graphics support.

CPU (Processor): Intel® Core™ Processor i7-7740X - 4-Core 4.3GHz, 4.50 GHz Turbo - 8MB Intel Smart Cache (Dual Channel)

CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Seidon 240V High Performance Liquid Cooling system w/ 240mm Radiator *** Extreme OC *** (Cooler Master CPU Water Cooling *** Extreme OC ***)

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X299-E Gaming INTEL X299 Chipset SLI/ Crossfire supported, 4 Channel DDR4 ATX

Mainboard w/ RGB, 802.11ac, USB 3.1, 3 PCIe x16, 2 PCIe x4, 1 PCIe x1, 8 SATA3, 2 M.2 SATA/PCIe [Intel Optane Ready]

MEMORY: 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4/3200mhz Quad Channel Memory [+64] (Corsair Vengeance LPX w/Heat Spreader)

Graphics Card (GPU): GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Video Card (Single)

PSU (Power Supply): Corsair CX750 750W 80+ Bronze Gaming Power Supply

M.2 SSD Drive: 500GB (1x500GB) Samsung 970 EVO M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD - 3400MB/s Read & 2300MB/s Write (Single Drive)

Hard Drive (HDD / SSHD / SSD): 2TB Seagate FireCuda SATA-III 6.0Gb/s Cache 7200RPM SSHD (Single Hard Drive)

Monitor: ASUS 27" PG278QR 1ms, 2560x1440, HDMI & Display Port 1.2, USB 3.0 Ports, WQHD G-Sync 165Hz ROG Monitor (Single Monitor)

Thank you all in advance.

Kind Regards,


  • IchonIchon Senior Member Posts: 4,730Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    Sure, that will do pretty good but 1080Ti on 2k will still slow down on ultra at times.

    My main advice is to get EVGA 1080Ti direct from Evga or a large retailer as the new generation GPU are coming soon and EVGA offers a step up program where you can put the cost of the 1080Ti into a new gen GPU.

    The window is only 90 days so I'd wait until mid June to buy the GPU as Volta release date is not confirmed but probably available by first month of 4th quarter though never guaranteed. Volta is probably going to be +25% to +35% faster than current gen. That means it is likely an 1180 (or whatever name Nvidia goes with) will be +5 to 10% over 1080Ti for similar or even slightly lower price.

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  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,143Registered Users
    If you're going to shell out for X299, do yourself a favor and get a real processor for it.

    The 7740x is garbage compared to the 8700k, in terms of value and performance. All that processing power in the high core count i7's is the main thing you get out of going X299 instead of Z370, and you want to put a quad core in it? It's not even quad channel, the only other thing you get out of LGA 2066.

    You can save yourself a lot of bread and get better performance by going with the 8700k and a high end Z370 board. A 7800X is the bottom of what you should be putting into that board, and I wouldn't touch anything less than a 7820X after the 8700k made it useless aside for most things.
  • AlatristerAlatrister Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited May 2018
    Dear Ichon, psychoak,

    Thank you for your comments.

    In relation to your comment Ichon; the fact that the monitor is g-sync capable wont be remedying the gpu's slowdowns at those settings? I agree i will wait for the new gpu releases of Nvidia. Cheers.

    Could you please explain a bit more with the cpus psychoak?

    I was aiming for the clocking speed that 7740x has, which starts from 4 GHz and goes up to 4.5 GHz whereas 8700k starts from 3.5 GHz and stops at 4 GHz. That is the main thing with total war games as they are not multi-threading games and they demand processing speed. Adding cores effectively drops the processing speed. That is why i went with a quad and not a six core i7.

    I do not need to do anything else when i am playing the game, not streaming, not running any other applications therefore having a lot of cores is not quite needed, and even if it was, total war would simply not take advantage of that.

  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,143Registered Users
    The 8700k boosts to 4.7, not 4.0. It's base clocks are lower because of the 6 cores, but a single core can ramp up quite nicely even without a good cooling system. Get one, and you can ramp up with everything.


    As you can see, the 7740x has the exact same single thread score. It's also an inferior overclocker, in addition to having 50% less cores.

    Get yourself a good water cooler, and you'll have nothing to complain about from an 8700k, it's the fastest single thread performance you can get, and far cheaper than paying for all the X299 chipset features that 7740x isn't even using.

    Also, TW games have a great deal of threading now, and use multiple cores quite effectively in testing. The older ones may not see much of a benefit, but the Warhammer series uses a six core quite nicely, even if the AI is still murdering one of them unevenly. Even if you've no interest in Warhammer, CA will carry these threading improvements forward, future games will benefit massively in the coming years. I expect 3 kingdoms will be a beast, thread wise. Britannia, on the other hand, is using Atilla's engine, so it's still a poorly threaded, 32 bit clunker.
  • AlatristerAlatrister Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    Thank you psychoak. I will be getting the 8700k instead. Also can you please elaborate more on what differentiates the x299 and the z370 motherboards? What is the difference between them?
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,143Registered Users
    X299 is quad channel ram, with support for more PCI-E lanes, 128GB of RAM, and multiple m.2 drives. With an i9, you get 44 lanes and can drive quad 1080 Ti's or run several 3GB/s+ drives at full speed, simultaneously. It allows for crazy performance levels no one should really be wasting money on for gaming.

    Which is fantastic, except the 7740X is dual channel, and only has 16 lanes and support for 64GB of RAM, just like the 8700k. It basically turns a heavy duty workstation chipset into the consumer version. Aside from the kabylake chips that never should have been, the lower end X processors come with 28, still a vast improvement over the 16-20 in consumer chipsets.
  • AlatristerAlatrister Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    So you suggest that i wont be needing the x299 and that the z370 would suffice?
  • AlatristerAlatrister Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    So i decided that i wanted to go with the x299 chipset but it is not compatible with the 8700k processor, so its either x299 with i7820X or z370 with i8700k. Which is the best combo in your opinion?
  • IchonIchon Senior Member Posts: 4,730Registered Users
    The main advantage of x299 is more PCI lanes and support for multicore CPUs which for gaming use is probably not necessary seeing how long it taken games to start making use of even 3-4 cores (and very few games even manage to spread evenly at that amount).

    If you are using your computer for work or some other projects x299 might make sense or if you think Intel will release future CPU designed for that socket (unlikely) that would be a better gaming CPU. Otherwise x299 is mostly so you'll spend more money and for many games get less performance than x370 with 8700K.

    Especially for TW games 8700K is likely to be a bit better but the difference isn't huge- but why pay more for even slightly less unless you will actually make use of the x299 features?
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  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,143Registered Users
    What he said.

    If you absolutely have to have a beast of a computer, wait for the next set of X processors, should show up at some point this year.
  • AlatristerAlatrister Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    I see, thank you both guys.!!

  • Penrice92Penrice92 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Looking to make a PC specifically for Total War 2019.

    2 K CAD is roughly my budget, which is approximately 1500 USD. Note that I'm considering to buy a Maximus IX Formula Motherboard unused off of my brother for a greatly reduced price. Any suggestions?
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