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Red-masked ninja?

CentaloreCentalore Posts: 1Registered Users
Yo, so I'm about a hundred turns in, and I've conquered over half of Japan I started as the Shimazu, took over Kyushu, the southern tail end, to Kyoto, and the little island where the Chosokabe started. I just took Ise, and I see some rad looking ninja with a red mask, commanded by the Tokugawa. I think he was a level 6, my highest level ninja being 4. Do all ninjas get the awesome red mask when they get to that level?

Mad respect to CA for this, he looked like a BEAST and thwarted my 5 assassination attempts.


  • DrJonesDrJones Junior Member Posts: 59Registered Users
    I noticed the same recently in my Fall of the samurai campaign for the shinobi unit (FoS equivalent from what I understand), didn't play much of regular shogun 2 so don't know there but I imagine the mechanics are the same.
  • RazmirthRazmirth Posts: 2,037Registered Users
    @Centalore it happens when you reach max level with your ninja/shinobi. I love my ninja. He’s 55 years old and has been with me since early game. I actually like him more than my generals. Ive literally reloaded saves 5 turns back so I can save him...and I won’t even do that for a general/daimyo.

    It’s just nice to have reliable assassins man. Mine has a 85 percent rate for all sabotage. Assasiations are around 60-75 percent, and he has an extra 20 percent chance for critical success. He’s insane. So insane I only need one of him.

    But next campaign I’ll have many to deal with metsuke and monks. Especially metsuke.
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