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I think the hint is for a Medusa



  • AvadonAvadon Registered Users Posts: 1,545
    edited May 2018

    If it is a unit I hope it's a Medusa, it sounds more interesting than an anti-large Hydra.

    They have two special attacks, cause fear, have murderous prowess, hatred to high elves and have frenzy...

    Avert your Gaze: it affects units in melee range and inflicts magical damage with the special rule of "Killing Blow"...since it states "no armour saves" it makes me think it could possible armour pierce?

    Bloodwrack Stare: the ranged version of Avert your Gaze but with a Multi Shot of 4...the range is 12...

    The stats are as follows...

    Movement 7

    Weapon Skill 5

    Ballistic Skill 5

    Strength 4

    Toughness 4

    Wounds 3

    Initiative 5

    Attacks 3

    Leadership 2

    I'll leave the rest to debate about the possibilities as you will with the stats...

    On a separate note...a Bloodwrack Medusa could possibly be made into a hero option because of their "Shrine" mount deal...

    As "human" logic would make it seem to have more sense to simply do that rather than have one upon a shrine while the other one is slithering around...

    But if the above is not used...then it would not make much sense for CA to implement the stand alone version without the Medusa upon the shrine...

    The stats do change (along with another rule) for when the creature is placed upon the shrine...if requested and with payment (2 to 3 souls) I may provide the information...
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